Monday, May 15, 2017

Do people still blog?

I haven't posted anything new for a long time. It wasn't that I stopped writing, it's just that I ending up writing a book. I had a lot of help along the way. Kenneth Ring, retired NDE researcher and one of the founders of IANDS, talked me into writing the book. Then he held my hand throughout the whole process. Parapsychologist Charles Tart also had a role in getting me through the book writing thing, and was kind enough to write the foreword. There were many others who offered encouragement and help. I'm very grateful to have gotten this far with it.

I'm hoping to have it up on Amazon soon. I'll keep you posted.

I'll leave you with a video of one of my mentors. Here is Charles Tart being interviewed for the 65th Anniversary of the Parapsychology Foundation.

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