Tuesday, September 17, 2013

2013 IANDS Conference

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JBsptfn said...


When you were at the IANDS conference, did you have any problems with your watch or cell phone when you were around other experiencers?

There is an ex-Episcopal Priest from Houston by the name of John Price.

He has his own page on the NDERF site:


Also, he has a book out on NDE's entitled Revealing Heaven: A Christian Case for Near Death Experiences. There is a link for the book on the top of that page.

John told me that he went to the IANDS conference a few years ago.

He said that his phone worked when he was in his hotel room, but when more and more experiencers came into the conference room, his phone stopped working when he tried to use the video feature.

Sandy said...

Hi JBsptfn,

I actually didn't carry a cell phone while I was at the conference. I hardly ever use one because they always malfunction on me. The more frustrated I get, the worse they work.

I have one watch that works for me. It's a Mickey Mouse watch. Other watches have rarely lasted a week, if that. Even Mickey has his rough days. He sometimes goes backwards. But if I take him off for a while he recovers and starts working again. Mickey got through the conference OK.

The elevators in the hotel acted up during the conference, but were fine during the three days I stayed there after the conference had ended. The number 8 button stayed lit up on one elevator for a day, then that same button did the same thing in a different elevator the next day. They would skip floors and do all sorts of interesting things. My husband joked that it isn't safe to get into an elevator full of NDErs!


Sandy said...

I should mention one electrical malfunction of note that took place during "Hello from Heaven" author Bill Guggenheim's talk on after-death communications at the 2013 IANDS Conference. A woman's voice saying a very loud "Hello? Hello!" came from the speakers during Bill's talk. The tech-guy checked all of the mikes in the room and they were all turned off except for the one being used by Bill. So no one knows where that"Hello, Hello" came from. It seemed rather appropriate given that Bill Guggenheim had just started talking about his book. :)