Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Esquire Has Been Debunked!

NDE Researcher Robert Mays has posted an article on the IANDS website which does an excellent job of debunking Luke Dittrich's attack in Esquire Magazine on Dr Eben Alexander's reputation regarding the accuracy of his account in Proof of Heaven.

One has to wonder if the editors of Esquire care about journalistic integrity or not, given the very shoddy work they were so eager to publish. Not only did they publish it, they charged extra for it. Nothing like making a few bucks off of someone else's close call with death. Esquire somehow managed to make ambulance chasing lawyers seem less disgusting by comparison.

So will Esquire or Luke Dittrich answer for the harm they've done?

Probably not, but they have been given a chance to set the record straight. Skeptiko podcast host Alex Tsakiris contacted David Granger, Editor-in-Chief of Esquire, in the hopes that he would want to answer the concerns about journalistic integrity raised by the article posted at IANDS. Alex has also tried to directly contact Luke Dittrich, who is a contributing editor to Esquire in addition to being the debunked author in question.

It doesn't seem likely that Esquire will ever answer for the damage it has done to Dr Alexander's reputation, but at least people are now speaking out against this irresponsible, unjustified, and inaccurate bit of mud-slinging. It looks like Robert Mays may get the chance to be on Skeptiko soon. I'm looking forward to that!

Update: Alex Tsakiris has just posted that Luke Dittrich has declined the invitation to be on Skeptiko.

I've posted additional commentary on The Weiler Psi.

A pdf of the original article can be found here.

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Steve Trueblue said...

Debunking Eben Alexander's NDE- This is just classic shallow pseudoskeptics perennial claim, to debunk anything paranormal by forging an alleged damaging finding, that exists entirely in their own heads and doesn't fool normal adults when externalised to scrutiny.As the article ably points out. Skeptics lie at almost every utterance.That is axiomatic.Disqualifying all their claimed "rebuttals" Pseudoskepticism is a support industry for the mentally challenged, harnessed for its political value.CSICOP means PSYCHOP Get it ? The skeps don't