Friday, July 5, 2013

Introduction to the Scientific Study of Psychic Phenomena

Back when I was still trying to figure out I was psychic, I contacted a parapsychologist who very kindly sent me some articles on mediumship. Up until then, I didn't know people actually studied the kinds of experiences that I was having. I was ashamed of having such experiences because when I went through the search engines at my university all I could find were articles suggesting that these occurrences were pathological. A sure sign of mental illness. I was terrified that something might be seriously wrong with me, something that couldn't be fixed.  It felt like my life was over.

Those articles changed things for me. I started actively looking for more information about Psi and discovered that Parapsychology wasn't just a made up profession found in movies like Ghostbusters. There were professional scientists doing current cutting-edge work. There was also a long history of research that came with a very interesting body of peer-reviewed scientific literature.  I remember the first time I read Dean Radin's book Entangled Minds. I cried. Then I read it again.

I think understanding these experiences is important to everyone, not just those of us who are waking up to being psychic every day. We all need to know psi is a normal human experience and not at all pathological. I would highly recommend to anyone having unusual experiences that they try to learn a bit about parapsychology. It doesn't have to be a chore either. Learning about Parapsychology can be fun!

Nancy Zingrone is teaching a great on-line parapsychology course and only charging $5 for it. That price gives you access to a previous online course, plus access to a number of future classes in October. There is a private forum and lots of interesting course material and videos to enjoy. And best of all, it isn't too late to join the fun. You can watch any classes you miss online whenever you want to see them.

The class is called Introduction to the Scientific Study of Psychic Phenomena. I enjoyed the first lecture. One thing I learned is that people who see auras (like me) are more likely to experience a wide variety of psi experiences (such as apparitions, pk, precognitive dreams) than people who don't experience auras but have had other psi occurrences. So if you see apparitions, that might be your psi niche, so to speak. You might not experience other varieties of psi. But if you see auras, then you are much more likely to have other unusual experiences. I found that little gem of parapsychological wisdom very helpful!

It was fun. I learned some new things. And I'm looking forward to the course forum where I'll get to discuss all sorts of cool stuff with other interested people. The July classes will include a lecture on mediumship by Carlos Alvarado, information about current research units, researchers and their work, plus a class on the origin and uses of the Ganzfeld method. Awesome!

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