Friday, June 28, 2013

How to spin a Psi Wheel

So you've followed the directions I posted earlier and made a Psi Wheel. Chances are you will spend more time putting it together than you will spend on actually trying to get it to spin. Unfortunately, most people give up rather quickly. They try it once, convince themselves it was a silly idea, and that's as far as they go.

Well, Don't give up! Seriously, that's step one in getting a Psi Wheel to spin.

I find it helps to have a personal connection to the wheel. Some of my best results have come from pinwheels made from foil candy wrappers I've saved from holiday treats. And those peanut butter jars I use? Well I'm the only one in this family who eats peanut butter. But even if the actual materials aren't so personal, you can still develop a relationship with your wheel. Talk to it. Tell it jokes. Make friends with your wheel. I know it sounds silly, but it helps.

Now that you and the wheel are BFFs, it's time to party! Yes, have fun playing together. Don't be hard on yourself (or the wheel). You don't have to get it spinning inside the jar right away. It's perfectly fine to get acquainted with the wheel without using a jar to begin with. It took me a few months of practicing without a jar before I was able to start moving the wheel inside a jar. I just kept going until it happened. But it has to be fun. Make a game of it.

If you can practice with others, that really helps too. I've done well taking my pinwheel to the pub with friends to hang out. It's more fun when you make this a social activity. (Maybe Psi Wheels are just party animals???) But if it's just you and your faithful Psi Wheel hanging out for some quality time together, you can watch this video and see if it provides any inspiration. (Is there such a thing as PK Porn?!?)


Stephen said...

I just bought the book "Mind Machines You Can Build" and will be building this over the weekend. Thanks for the advice in the article. Great site!!

Sandy said...

Thanks very much, Stephen! Best of luck with your wheel. :)